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Digital photography has only been around a few years, yet in that short time, it has revolutionized the way people see and record the world around them. The Digital Studio will help you to not only understand what digital photography is about but will also provide information on composing interesting images using the simplest to more complex digital cameras, as well as tips on buying your first digital camera. And after creating your images, you can find out about editing programs and techniques to help you make your photos all they can be.


what digital photography is and how it's different from traditional photography?

about the types of digital cameras
learn how digital cameras see and interpret light.

how to fine tune sharpness

how to use light and color

about digital vs. optical zoom                 

tips on taking close-ups
to see creative images

tips on basic photo composition

the basics of photo editing

to save photos in a variety of formats
how to displaying your digital photos

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