Writers have rights to sell. However, they can become confusing to both the novice and experienced writer. Use this list to help you figure out just what rights you want to sell. And, above all, never give your work away. It will only come back to haunt you later in your career.

All Rights - This takes in all the rights in this list. Once you sign over all rights, you relinguish the ownership of your work.

All Publishing Rights - Similar to all rights but limited to in-print rights only.

All Periodical Rights - These rights are limited mostly to magazines.

English-language Periodical Rights - Similar to the above but limited to English language publications.

North American English-language Rights - By selling these rights, you limit the use of your work only to use in the English language.  Example: When selling to a bilingual publication, you have the right to ask for more money if your work is to be published in another language at the same time.

First North American Rights, One-time Use - This is the most common of rights sold. It limits the use of your work to one-time use on the North American continent. Afterwards, the rights to your work refer back to you.

One-time Rights - Use of your work for one time in any medium.

Serial Rights - Use of your work in an ongoing basis. Example: A column.

Book Publication Rights - The right to publish your work in book form.

Dramatic Rights - The right to use your work on stage.

Commercial Rights - The right to use your work to sell a product. Example: An advertorial.

Film and Video Rights -  The right to use your ideas to create a film or video.

Electronic Rights - Covers use of your work on the Internet. You must specify for one-time use to prevent your work from being used on related Web sites owned by or affiliated with the same company.

World Rights - The right to use your work anywhere in the world.



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