by Bob Brooke     

Keeping a Record of Friends and Family
It’s so easy now to take photographs of friends and family. With no need for film, a digital camera can be ready at any time, as long as the batteries are good. This is a great way to keep a record of your children–their growth, their birthdays, the important events in their lives.

Create insurance records
Digital cameras are an excellent way to keep a visual inventory for insurance purposes. While people have used camcorders to create a visual reference of collections and important physical assets, your digital camera will enable you to create not only overall views of objects, but detailed views as well.

Create Graphics for Web sites
Because digital photos are electronic, you can use your digital camera to create your own photos and graphics for your Web site, if you have one.

Create Virtual Reality Tours
Digital cameras are also good for creating virtual reality tours of you’re your home or business to present on the Web or to clients via a laptap computer.

Make Your Own Photo Business Cards
One of the hottest tools available to business people today is photo business cards. You can take your own photo using the self-timer on your digital camera and then place the photo into the design of your business card in your word processor or graphics program.

Produce Your Own Clip Art
Isn’t it frustrating to search through thousands of clip art images and not find the images you need? Now with your digital camera, you can produce your own clip art images, either taking regular photographs or close-ups.

Textures and Objects for Presentations
Digital cameras are great for recording textures for Web sites and presentations. You can also shoot exactly the objects you need, such as your business’ products, to use in Powerpoint presentations on our laptop.

Create Digital Photographic Art
Using a combination of your digital camera and more sophisticated photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, you can get creative and produce your own artistic creations–photo montages, blends, screen savers and wallpapers.

Record a Event or Meeting
What better way is there than to use a simple digital camera to record an historic event or an important meeting. Taking photos of the moving of an historic building or taking shots of unique booths at a trade show–both are easy with your digital camera.

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